Seattle Adventure

The four or five hour car trip to Seattle was quite painless - at least there was no nausea, and that qualifies. We listened to tunes Sean added, including some Brian Jonestown Massacre warm-ups. I still hadn't felt the excitement for the show yet. There was a little bit there, but mostly to see Seattle again. Living so close, I've visited perhaps 10 times total. That city gives me a glorious sense of nostalgia, curiosity, excitement, and "new car smell". (Or perhaps new sea smell.) The air tastes different than in Spokane, more humid and vaguely of the sea. I realized coming back into Spokane that the air kind of tastes like a mixture between dust and pollen - mmm mm! I didn't take many photos,but the composition turned out right in a couple.
These are the kind of randomly captured shots I wish I had a better camera for. More birds, with a Seattle backdrop.
Our pals @ Beth's Cafe in Seattle. Me and the beau @ Beth's Cafe in Seattle.

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