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x. Recently I read about a group of millionaires in Germany who volunteered to pay 10% tax to help consolidate the budget [@ cnbc blog]; and now, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are requesting all billionaires in our country donate at least half of their net worth to charity, by the time of their death. [@ cnn money]

x. I found a new term for the negativity of fluorescent lighting - electropollution. Sometimes people hear that word and immediately think of people in tin foil hats, but in some cases I believe this is true. Why wouldn't the fact that we're surrounded by electronics constantly somehow impact our health? This article proposes a third type of Diabetes. The tests they performed indicated someone with Diabetes type 3 would walk on a treadmill and have their blood sugar spike, but if they walked outside it lowered. [@ naturalnews]

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x. amazing guide to sewing darts [@ sew mama sew!]

x. cute little pattern sizing chart [@ keyka lou]

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Anonymous said...

ELECTROPOLLUTION!!! I love it. Found your blog by way of a search and look forward to getting to know you. Gentle Hugs. Tazzy

Miss said...

Thanks Taz. Looking forward to seeing your comments. :)