I'm A Fan, No. 1, Self-Guided Art Therapy blog

It's my first entry to this blog, which will discuss an assortment of topics that interest me. I figured I'd begin with something I'll call, "I'm A Fan", where I talk about a blog, artist, podcast, etc., which inspire me.

Self-Guided Art Therapy

I started subscribing to craft blogs, and then from there to niche things like embroidery, crochet, sewing, and so on. I'd always wanted to combine embroidery with artistic self expression, and was pleased to find a few websites that really spoke to me. This being at the very top of the list, aside from MrXStitch.

I'm only a new reader, but have loads of respect for her work. She says she's giving up doing portraits soon, but they are truly some of the most inspiring pieces of fiber art I've seen online. After discovering the title of her blog was "Self-Guided Art Therapy" I felt even more of a pull toward her work. I'm only familiar with some of her struggles, but find comfort and inspiration in her quest for healing through art and embroidery, as this is something I strive for as well. Here are a few of my favorites of hers - click for the high resolution detailed link.

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