"It's Been Awhile", x-post

Sorry about that, if there is even anybody out there? Are you?

Hopefully I'll start posting more frequently, I just try to refrain from posts that simply say, "Boy I'm tired!"

My allergies have been pretty atrocious lately, and today especially. The price I pay for getting laundry done the past couple of days is feeling like I have a head cold and like I'm going to faint every time I move today. Unfortunately, I had to leave the house and face the "lights of major pain infliction" at the grocery store. Some days you just have to suck it up and do something you know is going to make you feel much worse.

I helped Sean pick out our groceries, and left him to wait in line alone. I needed to get outside in some fresh air. For some reason my hypersensitivity is related primarily to fluorescent lighting - being outside in the fresh air and natural sunlight is an extreme sense of relief after being under the synthetic lighting for 15+ minutes. While hanging around outside I noticed their handicapped accessible sign:

I know the photo is of a wheelchair user, but I'm pretty sure they mean handicapped accessible. And if it truly were handicap accessible they wouldn't use synthetic lighting that negatively effects people with a number of different illnesses.

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