Red bananas

Today was a day of rarities in my world. After about four hours of sleep, I woke up at 8:30 am to run to the grocery store for a few stupid reasons. 1) Donuts. 2) Starbucks. 3) Orange Juice (which I only just remembered now - damn it!) 4) Depositing $25 in change I rolled last night and pick up more rolls. Just that little bit is exhausting. Anyhow -

I must be a fruit newb. I had never heard of or seen a red banana before. I had to come home and wiki it. Apparently they are just like regular bananas and have a raspberry taste to them, and they're a lot squishier.

I'm beat, cleaned most of the bedroom, working on the craft room, whilst taking breaks to work on crocheting Sean's boss a scarf/hoody. I'll post photos soon.

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