Fibromyalgia Personality Test

I found this link from Facebook, which probably means it's attempting to sell me something. I'm not buying, but I did find it interesting. This site lists several traits which are common for people who have Fibromyalgia. I thought I'd go through and address each one. I was surprised at how many of them I actually struggle with.

1. Are you unable to delegate because you feel in order to get something done you must do it yourself since no one else can meet your standards?
This is a personality trait I have dealt with my entire life, even before I knew I had health problems. I always called it, "Getting it done right the first time." This is hard for someone with FMS because it is so difficult to accomplish tasks you have to learn to depend on others, and to trust that they are going to "get it right". I usually bite my tongue when something isn't done the way I'd have done it. Whether they "fucked it up" or not, I am always immensely appreciative that they helped me. Then there is a guilty feeling of, "Why do I have such high standards and expectations?"

2. We all forget things in this busy day and age. Do you frequently disappoint others by forgetting appointments and things you promised to do?
As I get older I'm noticing this happening more. Things said to me by my boyfriend regularly, "You don't remember that? You didn't see me standing there or hear me saying your name? We just talked about that.. Miss...! You haven't paid that yet?!" These are such a part of peoples' lives and routines, they don't even realize that it takes energy to complete them.

3. Everyone fails occasionally. Do you give up after one failed attempt to do something?
No. I keep trying until I get it right.

4. No matter your faith or belief, you have some sort of relationship with a higher power. Are you angry with God?

I am an atheist, and have never grown up with religion being a part of my life. I am not angry with something I do not believe exists. I am what I like to call a scientific spiritualist.

5. Do you think people do things specifically to you; that their actions were done knowingly and intentionally to upset you or hurt you?
Yes! I struggle with this constantly, and have always dealt with it. I'm so over analytical, it drives me crazy.

6. Are you more aware of what you can’t do rather than what you can do?
When one outweighs the other, it is hard to focus on the opposite.

7. Do you hold on to past hurts and grudges?
I do not hold grudges, but I do still feel hurt by things that happened in the past. This includes my past actions that I am hurt by.

8. Do you find yourself feeling obligated to solve others' problems even though you haven't been asked to do so?
I feel like my happiness is dependent on the happiness of others, which isn't healthy.

9. Do you put on a good front so that everyone thinks you are happy and agreeing with them, even if you aren’t?
I try.

10. Do you find yourself wanting to do even the smallest tasks to perfection?

Oh my god, yes. This is frustrating, because it keeps me from accomplishing tasks quickly.

11. Have you been told you are a type "A" personality?
I used to be.

12. Do you overcommit your time and feel guilty if you miss something?
I feel guilty if anything. Fill in the blank, and I feel guilty about it.

13. Do you seem to have a stronger than normal aversion to saying “no” to a request, to the point where you will agree to something while your inner voices are screaming “no” at you inside?
Over the past ten years of illness I have learned to not do this as much as I used to. Gotta think about me sometimes.

14. Do you feel you have to perform perfectly in order to be loved?

15. Do you often feel like you have little to no impact on others’ lives?

Yes. Feelings of worthlessness are a continued struggle.

16. Do you believe that there exists a fix for your problems, and if you just can find that fix, then your life will be great?
Absolutely not, I'm not deluded.

17. Do you struggle with making major, or even minor, life decisions, often to the point of never deciding or handing it over to someone else to decide for you?
I'm lucky enough to have a significant other who is on my some wavelength and can help me make decisions I'm happy with.

18. Do you avoid taking an action because you worry it won’t be the right choice?

19. Have you been told or do you think you like to control the outcome and the details of every situation, even down to how others’ perform a task?

20. Do you obsess about neatness and orderliness, to the point of losing sleep or resting hours in order to clean and straighten?
I can't do that.

21. Do you put everyone else’s needs before yours, even to the point of sacrificing your own?

22. Do you worry incessantly about friends and loved ones in your life and deny taking care of yourself in an effort to help them?

23. Do you have financial support from someone so you do not have to support yourself?
The government.

24. Do you have a strongly negative self-body image?
Pretty much.

25. Are you submissive to others’ wishes more than filling your own desires?

All the time.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, This is Dr. Robin Mayfield. My site is the site with the test you've mentioned here. Thank you for citing our site in the beginning. I do have a question for you. Our company is new to the web, though I've been a doctor for over 20 years, treating Fibro and many other chronic ailments. We were told that Facebook would be the best place to advertise and let people know about our products, because you can target the ads to people with Fibro in their profile. Since I"m clueless about this kind of thing, that's what we have done. I wonder, though, if most people on FB have your feeling of "if it's on FB, I'm not buying it". We are a valid company with high quality products; do you think FB is a poor choice for our advertising?
I'm not trying to put you on the spot, I'm really just trying to gather information about the best way to let people know, and perhaps FB isn't the best way.
Thanks, and all the best to you in your healing. You can email me at drmayfield at andfibromyalgia dot com if you care to converse.